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Business Growth/Progress = Processed Generated Lead$... 


A business without leads is a nearly dead business. Thus, Imagine having scorching HOT lead$ at your finger tips every time you need them... needless to say, the result would be business growth and progress. With an understanding of the above premises in mind, the partners at Rapid Gigs+ have worked very hard to create both Rapid Rain Maker Academy and Rapid Lead$ + to assist entrepreneurs like yourself. 


Using years of hard-to-create (HTC) strategies, we have create easy-to-recreate (ETC) shortcuts to providing you or your company with scorching HOT lead$ to ensure your business will have been a success as rapidly as possible, the first time around. As of now, there could have have already been people/leads that could have been awaiting  your call or email to find out how you can be of help. 


Thus, with us, there is no need to learn from trial-and-error or even allow your business to fail unnecessarily. In short, we can help you secure the right  scorching HOT lead$ the first time around.


The Industries that we serve include but are NOT limited to the following


  • Customer Service

  • Sales & Call Center

  • Help Desk

  • Office Support

  • Clerical & Administrative

  • Financial & Legal

  • Health Care 

  • Accounting

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance Tech

  • Warehouse & Distribution

  • Software/Hardware/Tech.

  • Computer

  • Cycle

  • Real Estate

  • Talent & Event

  • Writing/Editing

  • Therapeutic

  • Labor/Move/Haul

  • Automotive

  • Household

  • Domestic & Pet

  • Farm & Garden

  • Lessons & Tutoring

  • Etc...


Want to Take your Business

to the Next Level

Rapid Rain Maker Academy is Your Answer!




  • Strategic Marketing & Leads Generation Accentuating your Unique Marketing Advantage (UMA)to continuously target:

    • New Clients

    • Returning Clients

    • Investors


  • Marketing Media:

    • Email and Text Message

    • Social Media (posts, blogging or article writing & editing)

    • Communication with decision makers to maintain the integrity of responses and evolve with the growth of the business.

    • Target Marketing (e.g., Post cards and Pamphlets)

    • Search engine-based Marketing

    • Pay-Per-Click (“PPC”)

    • Radio, Television, Internet, etc.


  • On-the-fly Practice-specific and Streamlined Marketing Customization


  • After Care Surveys and Contact as to Improve Patient Perception of Service

            Because "Perception is Reality"


  • Pipeline Marketing

    • Create a steady stream of prospective clients... 

    • Educate past, new and prospective clients about being proactive;

    • Provide them with the dreadful alternative;

    • Implant your "UMA" into their memory... 


  • Use Human Performance Technology (HPT)

    • Performance = Motivation + Ability + Opportunity

    • Figure out how to motivate prospective clients of various walks of life to desire to use the service

    • Catalyze their ability to use it.

    • Give them the "opportunity" to use it at a discounted price the first time around and present them with the dreadful alternative.

    • Use HPT to measure our own performance and bridge any performance gaps


  • Substance-over-Form Technology Assistance

    • Web Sites/Blogs/Pamphlets revamping and customization.

    • Technology configuration.

    • Technology-based Research assistance.

    • Miscellaneous functions to focus on substance over form and increase ROI.




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