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House Call Doctors, Nurses, Therapists +

- Specialized Concierge Doctor House Call Brokerage Services Plus -


YOUR LIFE MATTERS... so, get the get that everybody deserves (not just the Wealthy) at affordable rates... sometimes, you need a doctor or health support personnel IMMEDIATELY, and at the comfort of your home, hotel room, or office... Many of our associated physicians will provide PRO BONO services at their discretion to low-income elderly or disabled individuals. 


... some health issues simply CANNOT await a long 'ER' Visit or a scheduled Doctor's Appointment... 

While most insurance companies do reimburse for house calls, they will only do so if there is a medical reason  why the patient cannot or shouldn't visit an office instead.  Thus, patients who CANNOT and should not be mobile should be covered by their insurance policies. But all patients can pay via CASH PAYMENTS at a slightly higher rate for the costs, convenience and personalized experience. 


Rapid MD Plus was designed with the above understanding in mind... 



  • In-Home Health Services

  • Health Services

  • Mobile Diagnostic Services

  • Lab Services

  • Preventive Care & Education

  • Chronic Disease Treatment

  • Pain Management

  • Diagnostic Tests

  • Coumadin Management

  • Terminal Illnesses

  • Disabling Medical Conditions, etc.



Basic Service Flat Rate:  $79.99 per visit (includes physicals)

Flat Prescription Pick-Up Service: $19.99 per pickup 










The concept of a doctor coming to a patient rather than a patient going to a doctor is hardly novel. In 1930, about 40 percent of doctor-patient interactions were through house calls, and it used to be the norm, which was "decency"... WHY?

Personalized Experience For Patients

The service works because patients are looking for personalized service. They want to feel like they are with somebody who, actually, knows them, or at least cares about them, and CAN GIVE THEM TIME AND REALLY LISTEN TO THEM!

More Meaningful Practice for Doctors

Physicians get to experience a more satisfying patient interaction, not to mention the ability to see how patients live, and make recommendations accordingly. 

Beneficial to the Healthcare System

A study conducted in 2014 in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that Medicare costs among 722 elderly patients in a house call program were $8,477 less​ on average per person than costs among a group that didn't receive house calls over two years. The house call group also had 9 percent fewer hospitalizations, 10 percent fewer emergency department visits and saw specialists 23 percent less.

While house call patients in the study saw generalists more than twice as often as the other group, those visits still saved the health care system money since specialists' care is usually more costly. 

Need for Our Rapid MD Plus Service

Only 13 percent of family physicians surveyed made regular house calls in 2013, and only 3 percent made more than two per week, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. But a comeback is in the making and Rapid MD Plus wants to do its part in this comeback. 

Main Few Limitations

1. There are logistical barriers to making house calls more widespread among ALL physicians. And of course, not all medical issues should be handled at home.

2. Sometimes the office setting is good because the doctor has the entire team in one place, not to mention equipment.

3. While most insurance companies do reimburse for house calls, they will only do so if there is a medical reason  why the patient cannot or shouldn't visit an office instead. 



Phone: (407) 955.3534 OR 773-372-9656


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