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Study Medicine in the Caribbean & Become a US Doctor!

Many dreams will never come true; and that of becoming a medical doctor/physician has eluded even the best ones of us for more reasons than one. The latter is perhaps one of the best examples of such unachieved dreams. However, for those who have had the chance of bumping into this testimonial about Caribbean Medical University (CMU), the realization that they can study medicine IN PARADISE-CURACAO at an affordable tuition rate has been nothing short of amazing. May this be the CATALYST towards your path towards becoming a Medical Doctor!


"The CMU Medical Sciences experience is second to none. The latter makes learning medical sciences both fun and engaging... You can literally study by the ocean and embark on your path to your clinical rotation and residency in the United States. The CMU team offers you a clear and realistic PATH towards your future... the rest is up to you... YOUR DREAM no longer has to be DEFERRED!

    ~ Pete Lorins (MD in Training) a/k/a "Mr. CMU"

The Pete Lorins 'CMU' Testimonial


Medical School Is Medical School... It will Test Your Will & Desire to Become a Good, Competent & Caring Physician...

However, Not All Medical Schools Are Created Equal... WHY?


The CMU experience deserves to be shared. It will change the way you think about life and medicine as a whole. The combination of the lovely paradise Dutch Caribbean Island of Curacao and the location of the campus near the lovely Ocean will provide you with a unique blend of challenge and pleasure. Coming from a family of philanthropists, I love to share good opportunities/experiences with others.


The Student Services provided by the CMU Administration is personable, yet professional and are second to none... From staff and student organized events to supermarket trips, and clinical exposures... You'll love it!


AGAIN - Not all Caribbean experiences are created EQUAL. I ONLY APPLIED AT and CHOSE "CMU" over hundreds of School because of one word => "VALUE"



My Testimonial Comes With A Special


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Pete Lorins ("Mr. CMU")

PS: To learn more about me please go to my web site at => 

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